Leon Kotze

Photographer, Technologist, Father, Explorer.


Photography has been a tale of two halves for me. I bought my first camera in the 1990s, a Nikon F-801s. It was incredibly expensive to take pictures on film, and I never enjoyed the printed results, and eventually drifted away from taking photographs altogether.

A combination of smartphone camera technology and online sharing ability (aka the digital revolution) rekindled my interest.

I bought a 2nd hand Sony A6300 in 2018, upgraded to a Sony A7R3 in 2020, and have spent a lot of time rediscovering my love for photography.

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Leon Kotze professional

You can find out more about my first career by visiting my LinkedIn profile. I studied Electrical Engineering way back when the internet was in its infancy and have lived through an era of substantial technological change.

When time permits, I love dabbling with code. I worked as a software developer for about a year, which convinced me that I didn’t want to code for a living.

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Leon Kotze family

Any father will understand the unique challenge of raising children, especially two wickedly curious boys. I’m writing this in 2020, a year of profound change, and am spending much time contemplating what the future has in stock for them. And how we prepare them for their unique challenges to come.


Leon Kotze adventure

My travel-log includes South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Swaziland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

I have lived and worked in South Africa, the UK, and Spain.

Things I have done include, but are not limited to:

  • Scuba diving off the Great Barrier reef,
  • Bungy jumping 102m at Skipper Canyon off the now-closed Pipeline bridge,
  • 10,000 ft tandem skydive over the UK countryside,
  • Chocolate Making classes, and
  • The London and Barcelona sprint triathlons

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Younger years

I found these during a recent clean-up, and they are too good not to share.

Leon Kotze school
Leon Kotze young man


Finally, answering the question. What is kebnoa? I wanted a unique six-letter name for a website and used random.org’s string generator to generate hundreds of words. After selecting a few, I liked and then putting them to the test by asking friends and family which they liked.

Kebnoa wasn’t actually on the list. However, it prompted a few people to suggest it, and it stuck. Now my online name is Kebnoa.

Thank you,